GrayKey Introduces Additional Android Support

If you’re a digital forensic examiner/investigator, then you have seen your fair share of Android devices. Android is known for its security and encryption protocols and because the Android market is so fragmented (i.e., multiple manufacturers, chipsets, and models), gaining access to these devices can be difficult. We initially launched Android support in February of 2021, and since then, our research team has been hard at work expanding our Android support over the past 18 months. And we aren’t slowing down! 

Where have we been? 

Ever since we introduced GrayKey, a leading mobile device forensic access and extraction tool, in 2018, we have been the industry leader in access and extraction for iOS devices. In order to advance our mission to help law enforcement solve crimes faster, we recognized the need to add Android capabilities to GrayKey. Here is a snapshot of our Android growth.  

  • February 2021 Initial launch of Android support (Qualcomm chipset)  
  • March 2021 Expansion to Exynos chipset  
  • June 2021 Add Brute Force access  
  • July 2021 Introduce LG devices (MediaTek chipset) 
  • November 2021 Expand Samsung and LG models 
  • December 2021 Expand Qualcomm chipset access 
  • February 2022 Expand Qualcomm, Exynos, MediaTek chipset access 
  • May 2022 Introduce Motorola and Google models and Unisoc chipset 
  • June 2022 Expand LG, Google, Samsung, and Motorola models 
  • August 2022 Android 13 support 

Where are we now? 

Since January 2022 to now, we have expanded Android Initial Access by 137% and grown Android Brute Force support by 86%. And…we just added more.  


When we launched Android support, we promised European and Asian-Pacific countries we would focus on providing support for modern Android devices in those regions. When we promise, we deliver. In September 2022, we introduced support for Xiaomi with MediaTek chipsets. This gives our European and Asia-Pacific GrayKey users the ability to gain Initial Access and perform Brute Force capabilities on these devices.  

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Fold4 

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Fold4 in August 2022. GrayKey provided support to these devices within four weeks of Samsung’s release* – making Grayshift one of the first to provide access and continue leading the way for modern Android device access.  

More coming very soon 

In addition to our continued Android access, we will be adding more Android access capabilities soon – giving users access to more devices, more manufacturers, and more chipsets. We roll out new updates every two weeks so check out our What’s New to stay in the loop.  
Note: What’s New is only available for vetted audiences. If you would like access the What’s New, please request access here.  

Your input matters 

We prioritize device support based on your feedback. We rely on this input to ensure we build the capabilities you need to solve your cases.  

Plug in your Android devices to GrayKey even if they aren’t currently supported. We use this telemetry to help our research team prioritize what’s up next for device support.  

Post in the Ideas Portal. if there are devices you need to access with GrayKey that aren’t currently supported, share that in our Ideas Portal.  

Customer feedback is fundamental to our research and development teams so they can keep creating solutions you need. 


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