It’s not a matter of if the overwhelming workload of law enforcement professionals will take a toll. It’s a matter of when. We’re all human. Working horrifically violent crime scenes, CSAM cases, seeing images, and processing digital devices, knowing that you can’t help everyone you want to help, takes its toll. We’re all okay until some of us are not. 

Recently retired law enforcement executive Debbie Garner, who managed the Georgia Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force for 8 years, is passionate about the importance of mental wellness programs for law enforcement professionals. Garner calls managing the ICAC Task Force, “one of the most mentally tough investigative units at a state law enforcement agency,” and believes having a program in place is crucial for when someone experiences a triggering event and they’re no longer “okay.” 

On Wednesday, April 13, 2022, Garner is giving a presentation at Magnet Summit 2022 designed to: 

  • Answer the FAQ, “How do you develop a wellness program for both sworn and non-sworn digital forensic investigators?” 
  • Give insights into the development of a wellness program for both sworn and non-sworn law enforcement personnel working on technology facilitated crime 
  • Convince you not to be complacent and provide you with some ideas and resources to start developing your own mental wellness plan and program 

If you’re a Magnet Summit 2022 attendee and want to attend Garner’s workshop, you can add it to your schedule by clicking here. 

Here are some free resources you can get started with today: 

For comprehensive ideas and resources relevant to creating mental wellness solutions and developing workplace strategies to maintain mental health please register for Garner’s presentation. It’s recommended you attend her Magnet Summit 2022 workshop or her TechnoSecurity Myrtle Beach 2022 session in May 2022 (and you can find other members of the Grayshift team at Booth 100 at TechnoSecurity). 

If you’re interested in learning more about Garner’s presentation or would like to reach out regarding a speaking engagement, please contact: 

Debbie Garner is not a mental health professional. She is a Solutions Evangelist at Grayshift with over 30 years of experience in law enforcement.

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