Meet the Expert: Kaz Goto
Kazuhito Goto
Digital Forensic Specialist

Kazuhito “Kaz” Goto is a Digital Forensic Specialist at Grayshift and a subject matter expert in Mobile Device Forensics. Before joining Grayshift, Kaz spent 14 years working in information security. For the last four years, as a leader of the cyber threat intelligence team for both deep and dark web and open-source intelligence. Kaz has worked with clients in the government and flagship companies in Japan. 

Kaz is an expert at providing succinct answers to questions and we’re happy to let his brevity and background speak for themselves. Meet Kaz Goto: 

It’s obvious you love technology. What’s your favorite type of technology you love to use every day?  

 Mobile communication. 

What did you do before coming to Grayshift? And how did that role relate to digital forensics? 

I worked for a company that provides risk intelligence products/services and security consulting, and I was a leader of the intelligence team. Large organizations such as national institutions and megabanks that need security/business intelligence use the products. Multiple intelligence areas include open source, deep and dark web, and credit cards. For example, threat actors use dark web forums to find collaborators and communicate to attack the target company. Such information/intelligence from the dark web forums can be one of the sources for forensic examiners. There were customers we provided those types of intelligence. 

If you had access to GrayKey, how would you have used it in your previous role?  

I would’ve used GrayKey to get information to prevent or after security incidents, which would have served as a critical source to create/provide intelligence. 

What is one thing you wish people understood about digital forensics? 

Digital forensics has the potential to find the evidence we don’t even know exists until we use tools like GrayKey to uncover the truth. 

From your perspective, what was the most challenging thing about digital forensics? 

 To clarify the truth of the evidence. 

What challenges did you regularly face in the digital forensics industry? 

In addition to English, threat actors (criminals) use two major languages to target Japan: Russian and Hangle. It took a lot of work to understand their conversation, primarily when they used jargon. 

What advice would you give new digital forensic specialists to help them get up to speed? 

Learn everything you can about technologies (products/services) and standard forensic procedures. 

What do you know now that you wish you knew when first starting out? 

 That GrayKey exists and can provide same-day access to the latest iOS and Android devices, often in under one hour. 

What’s a secret about one of your teammates that most people don’t know but should?  

 No idea, sorry. 

What superpower do you bring to Grayshift? 

My understanding of APJ business customs and communication skills with customers and partners improves relationships and opens the door for opportunities. 

Kaz is a man of few words but what do you expect from someone with a experience working with the dark web? 

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