Encouraging Diversity in Digital Forensics

In Episode three of Full Access, podcast hosts Debbie Garner and Wilton Cleveland  interview, Jessica Hyde. Hyde is a well-known name in the digital forensics community. She is an experienced forensics examiner in both government and commercial sectors, the founder of Hexordia, an advocate for diversity and women in digital forensics, and currently serves as a Consultant to Magnet Forensics in addition to partnering with CYBER5W to provide technical training in: 

  • Computer Forensics 
  • Mobile Device Forensics 
  • Forensics for First Responders 

And so much more. For more information about these free and low-cost course offerings, in addition to other available resources, please see 6 Free and Low-Cost Training Resources for Law Enforcement

In addition to discussing Hyde’s current roles and passion projects on the podcast, Hyde shares with listeners how she went from being a high school dropout to the founder of a company. Piggybacking off her background, Garner, Cleveland, second Hyde’s message to listeners that there is no right or wrong path into digital forensics. The trio also reveals how life experiences you learn along the way, such as serving in the military or going through a punk rock phase, can make a difference in your career decades down the road. 

Encouraging Diversity in Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is an important topic to everyone who participates in Full Access – host, guest, and listener. So is diversity and inclusivity. In the latter half of this episode, Hyde and Garner shift the conversation to women in digital forensics and other marginalized communities in the space. Listeners are encouraged to support diversity in the field and uplift people to share their technical prowess and their platforms. 

Hyde is an active Twitter user (as is Garner) and uses the space to share thoughts, ideas, trending news, and resources for everyone in the digital forensics community. If you’re not sure where to get started, or you’re looking to connect with other women in digital forensics you can follow and reach out to Jessica Hyde @B1N2H3X and Debbie Garner @garNERDeb.  

To hear to the full discussion between Hyde, Garner, and Cleveland, please listen to Full Access To Hexordia Founder, Jessica Hyde

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