Jason Miranda is a Digital Forensic Specialist and a subject matter expert in Mobile Device Forensics. Prior to joining Grayshift, Jason served in law enforcement for just over 14 years, most recently with a State Agency investigating Internet Crimes Against Children. Jason possesses several computer and mobile forensic certifications and has been qualified as an expert witness in Digital Forensics. Jason is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and earned a Master of Science in Digital Forensic Science from Champlain College. 

  1. It’s obvious you’re a #nerdcop. What’s your favorite type of technology you love to use every day?  
    I carry my laptop with me everywhere I go. Maybe it’s a comfort thing, but I like to have it in case I need to jump on for something work-related or personal. I also enjoy smart devices like cameras, thermostats, lights, etc., and being able to control them with an app. 
  1. When you were a digital forensic investigator, what types of cases did you typically encounter? 
    I assisted with all types of cases, but I primarily worked Internet Crimes Against Children and Child Sexual Abuse Material cases. 
  1. Is there an example of a case you investigated with GrayKey? Can you tell us how GrayKey could have helped? 
    While working on a CSAM case, I obtained a significant amount of data relevant to the investigation from an extraction. I was able to use the data in the extraction to generate more leads in my investigation, which ultimately led to case closure.   
  1. What is one thing you wish people understood about the job? 
    With forensics specifically, the amount of time it takes to analyze data thoroughly. There are so many assumptions that everything comes out in a perfect format with the push of a button. The way it’s portrayed in television and in movies do not help with understanding the amount of time and work involved.    
  1. What was the most challenging crime you solved with GrayKey? 
    I assisted with a homicide investigation that did not have many leads early on. Because of GrayKey, I was able to analyze all available data, which helped establish a better timeline and corroborate other information obtained during the investigation. 
  1. What challenges did you regularly face as a mobile forensics examiner? 
    Encryption, OS, and App updates are a few that come to mind. Encryption will always be a battle, but keeping up with updates is a challenge as well because it can affect how/where data is stored on devices. 
  1. What advice would you give new digital forensic specialists to help them overcome similar challenges? 
    Learn how to analyze data manually. Know where and how data is stored. With constant OS and App updates, forensic tools always play catch up and may not parse data correctly. 
  1. What do you know now that you wish you knew when first starting out? 
    Invest in yourself. Be prepared to learn independently and continue learning throughout your career. And the most important, NETWORK. The forensic community is full of great examiners/analysts who are always willing to help each other. Never be afraid to ask a question or for help. 
  1. What’s a secret about one of your teammates that most people don’t know but should?  
    Aren’t secrets supposed to be kept secret? 
  1. What superpower do you bring to Grayshift? 
    I would say my superpower would be being a great team player. I enjoy brainstorming and bouncing ideas around with others on my team. I always try to think outside the box. I believe it’s important to get other perspectives as well. It opens up new ideas that might have never been thought of. Being a team player creates a great work environment and has a significant impact on the success of the team. 

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