According to the *FBI’s Crime in the Nation statistics report, released in October 2022, violent crime remained consistent between 2020 and 2021, with a 4.3% uptick in the murder rate. That’s an improvement over 2020 when the murder rate in the U.S. jumped 29%. Technology is constantly evolving, and mobile devices are increasingly becoming the primary source of evidence in homicide cases. However, when it comes to homicides, law enforcement agencies often struggle to investigate this crime type when digital evidence is involved. 

Traditional extraction and analysis methods often fall short, so Grayshift designed GrayKey and ArtifactIQ by Grayshift to help law enforcement examiners, detectives, and investigators extract and analyze mobile device forensics evidence to solve homicide cases (and other crimes). From The News Desk is a compilation of stories from users on how Grayshift technology has helped them solve crimes in their jurisdictions. 

The five stories you will find in this edition include: 

Geolocation Data Leads To Arrest In Deadly Shooting 
Even when a suspect flees, geolocation helps pinpoint potential hideouts. 

GrayKey Helps Solve Cold Case Investigation 
During the initial investigation, investigators didn’t have GrayKey. Investigators gain access to GrayKey and find condemning evidence after filing an additional search warrant.  

Communication And Location Details Lead To Felony Charges In Double-Homicide Case Investigators use data to trace the steps of victims and identify suspects. 

Two Suspects Charged With First-Degree Murder In Homicide Case 
Data helps investigators corroborate the suspect’s and victim’s locations. 

ArtifactIQ By Grayshift Helps Agency Identify Suspect In Stabbing Incident Over 100 Miles Away 
Investigators use extraction details to backtrack the victim’s relation to potential suspects. 

The stories in this eBook are real-life examples from your law enforcement peers. They are an excellent opportunity to learn about the power of mobile data extraction and analysis technology. Jump in and discover the difference GrayKey and ArtifactIQ can make in case resolution. 

Download From The News Desk: Solving Homicides with Grayshift Technology 

* It’s important to note that this is not data reflecting all crimes but local police data that was reported to the FBI. 

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