If you’re a law enforcement officer or digital forensics professional, you’ve probably heard of GrayKey. GrayKey is a powerful tool you can use to extract data from locked and encrypted iOS and Android devices, making it an invaluable asset in criminal investigations. 

But when using GrayKey, you must know the best practices to get the most out of the tool. That’s why Grayshift offers the GrayKey Certified Operator certification program to ensure that users receive the proper training to maximize the device’s use. 

What is the GrayKey Operator Certification? 

The GrayKey Operator (GKO) certification tests knowledge gained through free training available to Grayshift customers. This training teaches digital forensics professionals how to use GrayKey effectively.  

To become certified, participants must complete the following learning paths that are complementary/free of charge to current Grayshift customers: 

  • GrayKey Basics Path 
  • GrayKey Intermediate Path 
  • GrayKey Advanced Path 

Each path comprises courses to help you build foundational knowledge about operating a GrayKey. Once participants have completed the course, they must pass a written exam to receive their certification. 

Why Should I Renew My GKO Certification?  

Certification plays a crucial role in ensuring technology’s effective and accountable use.  Keeping your certification up-to-date fosters trust between law enforcement agencies and the public by demonstrating that users have undergone training and are dedicated to staying up-to-date with technology advancements. 

At Grayshift, we understand the importance of staying updated with the latest information.  We encourage all GKO holders to re-certify themselves when their certification expires. Recertification enhances your knowledge and skills for efficient use of the GrayKey by certified operators. To make recertification more accessible and insightful for our users, we’ve added new resources to Grayshift University. These resources will help you better understand GrayKey’s functionalities and enable you to use them more effectively. So why wait? Re-certify now and unlock the full potential of GrayKey! 

Unlock the Full Potential of GrayKey: Get Certified or Recertify Today! 

If you want to become a certified GrayKey operator or renew your GKO certification, visit training.grayshift.com or email sales@grayshift.com. 

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