This month, Grayshift has made enhancements to Broad Consent to support additional Android devices, released helpful resources to help agencies acquire funding to purchase digital forensic solutions, and is leading the conversation on why combining policing with technology is important.

Here’s what you need to know:

GrayKey Expands Broad Consent Access to Include More Android Models

Based on telemetry from users, GrayKey now supports an additional 90 phone models for Broad Consent support. This includes models from a wide breadth of vendors including Amazon, Google, Huawei, LGE, Motorola, Xiaomi, Realme, and more.

Learn From Grayshift Grant Funding Experts

Kickstart your grant application process by learning about the 5 R’s of grant writing and gain insight from Grayshift Grant Expert, Josh King, about tips and tricks that can help you complete your grant applications and increase your chances of acquiring funding.

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Modernize Your Agency With Mobile Device Forensics

Looking to learn more about how mobile device forensics technology is transforming policing? Want to learn how you can help modernize your agency? Check out our latest blog post where we explore the importance of mobile forensic technology in modern policing and how it can help transform your agency to work more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

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Access Is the Cornerstone to Digital Forensics: An Overview of GrayKey by Grayshift

Are you curious how GrayKey works? GrayKey delivers unparalleled access to and extraction of  digital evidence on mobile devices. GrayKey extracts encrypted data from mobile devices (often within a few hours) and provides law enforcement professionals with in-depth full file system extractions of iOS and Android devices. Get a closer look into how GrayKey can help law enforcement agencies recover important data and access critical information.

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This information was updated on 04/01/2023. Customers can refer to the support matrix for the most up-to-date information regarding GrayKey access coverage. Visit the Grayshift Support Portal to learn more about support matrix navigation and discover iOS/Android feature timelines

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