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Product Manager

Grayshift INSIGHTS Recap

The Short: Since introducing GrayKey support for leading Android devices in February, our team has been hard at work developing new features and making GrayKey even more valuable for our law enforcement partners like you. We highlighted some of these exciting new product capabilities at Grayshift INSIGHTS August 2021 alongside a handful of invigorating company announcements we are proud to share with you here.

In case you missed it: Watch the Recording (requires login credentials)

Grayshift INSIGHTS Highlights

What’s New: Product Features and Enhancements

The Short: As a leader in cell phone forensics, Grayshift continues to extend its strength in lawful access and extraction capabilities for iOS and Android devices.

Rapid Innovation: Expanding Android and iOS Coverage

With new release updates every two weeks, we continue to expand our Android and iOS coverage. We’ve found that since releasing support for Android devices 6 months ago, the number of model families added for support has grown from 3 to 20, and the number of devices connected to GrayKey has increased by 200%. We encourage you to continue connecting your mobile devices to GrayKey to help us prioritize our development roadmap and maximize the value from your GrayKey.

Brute force Speed: Android and iOS Improvements

Improvements to passcode brute force have nearly reached every aspect of the feature. GrayKey now offers passcode brute force in a wider variety of Samsung devices, including devices with Qualcomm and Exynos chipsets. These improvements allow our customers to utilize passcode brute force at a higher rate of speed 5x to 10x faster than before.

Android Feature Development: Keystore Extraction

GrayKey can now access Android Keystore encrypted applications giving our customers the ability to use these artifacts in their investigations and providing more evidentiary value.

For more information about Android Keystore extraction, current Grayshift customers can click here.

Category-based Extractions: Save Time, Get What You Need – Faster

In August, we released the Category-based extraction feature for iOS devices initially because of customer feedback where limited warrants are used, or urgent circumstances where a device is only available to an investigator for a brief period of time. This can be useful where specific categories of data are extracted without having to pull the entire full file system. Category-based extractions will allow you to survey the device once connected to GrayKey and select categories of data for extraction that might be of importance to your specific investigation.

For more information about Category-based extractions, current Grayshift customers can click here.

Access Statistics: What it Means for You

Our new Initial Access statistics feature allows our customers the ability to obtain statistical data on iOS or Android devices that are connected to GrayKey prior to the initial access phase. This capability shows the statistics on initial access success rates, and Median/Mean/Max times for gaining access to devices of the exact same build and model. This baseline comes directly from our customers, who have opted-in to sharing informational diagnostics and provides you with an understanding of how long access to the device may take, allowing you to manage your time accordingly.

For more information about Initial Access Statistics, current Grayshift customers can click here.

What’s New: Mobile Device Support

The Short: Grayshift’s continued growth in devices supported is a testament to how our technology is being used to help solve investigations and safeguard our communities. Android support is expanding rapidly as we strive to deliver feature-rich capabilities in mobile forensics for law enforcement.

Android Device Coverage: Exynos, Qualcomm, and MediaTek Chipsets

New devices continue to be supported as we increase Android coverage in multiple chipsets. The Samsung devices with the Exynos chipset now supported include:

  • Galaxy S10
  • Note 10
  • A50
  • A10
  • A20
  • A30
  • A40
  • S21

 New devices with the Qualcomm chipset include:

  • A11
  • A01
  • A02s

Nnew devices with the MediaTek chipset include:

  • LG Stylo 6
  • LG K71

We are also excited to report that passcode brute force is now supported across the majority of all the Android devices within our support matrix.

What’s New: Business Operations

The Short: In a recent blog post, David Miles, Co-founder, and CEO of Grayshift noted several milestones over the last 12 months such as a 100% customer satisfaction rating and a 98% renewal rate. I’m excited to share that GrayKey is now used across all 50 states and in 28 countries. To continue providing world-class customer support and drive innovation going forward, we were thrilled to announce the following at Grayshift INSIGHTS August 2021:

Updated Customer Support: 8 am – 8 pm EST

We have extended customer support hours to 8 am through 8 pm EST to better serve GrayKey users.

Cell phone forensics is critical to the success of law enforcement agencies in investigating and solving today’s criminal investigations. For a complete recap of Grayshift INSIGHTS August 2021, and to learn more about the latest mobile forensic innovations outlined in this post, click here: Watch the Recording (requires login credentials) | Grayshift INSIGHTS August 2021.

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