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The Access to the Truth eBook Series is a compilation of customer stories that highlight how GrayKey customers use digital forensics for mobile device investigations. Access is critical to mobile forensic investigations, and some cases can only be solved by accessing critical data from mobile devices. GrayKey is a state-of-the-art forensic access tool that extracts encrypted or inaccessible data from mobile devices. By helping law enforcement agencies access iOS and Android devices, GrayKey helps them gain access to the truth.

Each story reveals real-time data from their cases, including insights into crime type, successful access, and case resolution. Learn from your peers how they are using GrayKey to bolster their digital forensic investigations and use digital forensics for mobile device investigations. Each story reveals real-time data from their cases, including insights into crime type, successful access, and case resolution.  

Access to the Truth Volume 2  

  • The Data is in the Details – Active Shooter Homicide  
    • An active shooter fled the scene and left no supporting evidence behind, except their phones. That is all the investigators needed to crack the case.   
  • Always Try Again – Homicide  
    • Investigators had a device from a homicide case where the only supporting evidence was from a mobile device they could not access. Once the investigative team acquired GrayKey, accessing the device was possible. 
  • You Can’t Delete the Past – Crimes Against Children   
    • Authorities received a tip about CSAM, but once they arrived on the scene the user accounts used to store the explicit material had been deleted. However, the investigators had GrayKey so deleted accounts weren’t a problem. 
  • Corroborating a Suspect’s Story – Vehicular Homicide Exoneration  
    • A vehicular homicide took place and officers located a mobile device in the suspect’s vehicle. Upon seizure, the suspect stated they weren’t using their device; but were they telling the truth? Only GrayKey could tell. 
  • Securing Convicting Evidence – Crimes Against Children  
    • Authorities seized multiple devices involved in crimes against children. At the time, their GrayKey license couldn’t access those particular devices, but Grayshift Customer Support was there to save the day. 
  • Just in Time – Kidnapping  
    • A missing person case left authorities bewildered when they had no physical evidence to produce any leads. But when a mobile device is discovered, investigators lean on GrayKey to access evidence as quickly as possible.   

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