How to Obtain Your GrayKey Operator Certification  

Did you know Grayshift offers numerous learning resources, training resources, and programs to current customers through our Grayshift University platform? Most recently, Grayshift launched the Certified GrayKey Operator (GKO) program. The certification intends to validate a customer’s understanding of GrayKey operations and relevant aspects of mobile device security. Customers who want to earn their GrayKey Operator Certification must pass a 40-question exam comprised of topics covered in Grayshift University training modules. 

Law enforcement work is a detailed and complex field. Pursuing additional education and certifications can lead to a better understanding of concepts and procedures that will positively impact your ability to do your job.  

Why is Continued Learning for Law Enforcement Professionals Important? 

The law enforcement field today needs leaders with applicable and relevant modern-day skills. The Task Force on 21st Century Policing even features improved “Training & Education” in its primary recommendations for law enforcement officers. The report includes more than ten pages of recommendations surrounding continued learning for law enforcement, citing factors including evolving technologies as a central reason to participate in ongoing training. As new challenges continue to present themselves in the world of mobile digital forensics, a thorough understanding of advanced lawful data extraction techniques, and how to maximize a tool like GrayKey, is more important than ever.  

To take the exam to earn your title as a Certified GrayKey Operator, it’s highly recommended that participants complete all Grayshift University training modules. The modules include basic and advanced GrayKey training, in addition to iOS and Android-specific courses. Login credentials are required for more information and to access the Certified GrayKey Operator exam. 

Investing in yourself through relevant training helps you better serve your community and prepares you for more career opportunities down the road. Grayshift’s own Full Access podcast hosts, Debbie Garner and Wilton Cleveland, in addition to episode three guest, Jessica Hyde, are fitting examples of how any path is the right path towards a career in law enforcement if it’s your path and you’re willing to learn. 

If you’d like to know more about Debbie and Wilton’s background in law enforcement, we recommend listening to Full Access to Your Hosts: Debbie Garner & Wilton Cleveland. And if you’re intrigued by the story of how a high school dropout wound up serving as the Director of Forensics at Magnet for five years and then founded a company dedicated to providing affordable training and instruction in digital forensics to law enforcement professionals, we suggest listening to Full Access to Hexordia Founder, Jessica Hyde

To learn more about how obtaining the GrayKey Operator Certification can benefit you, contact your Grayshift sales account manager or visit Grayshift University with your approved login credentials. 

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