Meet the Expert: Braden Thomas
Braden Thomas
Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Expanded Messaging Artifacts 

Let’s get down to business. This month we’re bringing you messaging artifacts from popular enterprise messaging apps. Our business edition of application support releases showcases the speed and agility of ArtifactIQ by Grayshift’s ability to provide updates through the cloud and stay current with your needs and the industry. 

What’s Being Released? 

We’re continuing to grow the list of apps and artifact types we support. Here’s the release lineup for March 2023: 

Innovation Week - March 2023 - Microsoft TeamsMarch 27, 2023 – Microsoft Teams 
Innovation Week - March 2023 - Facebook Workplace ChatMarch 27, 2023 – Facebook Workplace Chat 
 Innovation Week - March 2023 - WhatsApp BusinessMarch 27, 2023 – WhatsApp Business 
Innovation Week - March 2023 - SlackMarch 27, 2023 – Slack

Note: After each release, new extractions uploaded to ArtifactIQ will see the newly supported content. For any extractions already in ArtifactIQ, you’ll need to upload them again from your GrayKey’s Stored Results page. Log in to ArtifactIQ for more information and to stay updated with the rollout of new features. 

We can quickly innovate and release updates like this to users because ArtifactIQ is a cloud-based analytics solution. As a cloud-based solution, ArtifactIQ helps detectives, investigators, and examiners: 

  • Accelerate time to first fact 
  • Collaborate instantly with investigative staff both inside and outside your agency 
  • Follow the data to identify patterns and connections relevant to your case with an easy-to-use interface 

Paired with GrayKey, Grayshift’s flagship data extraction technology, these solutions together provide users with a seamless connection that: 

  • Enables law enforcement to obtain access and perform full data extractions on an iOS or Android device, often in under one hour 
  • Maintain control over the evidence you’re collecting 
  • Can help solve cases faster 

Help Shape the Future of ArtifactIQ 

Are there other applications, features, or product capabilities you’d like to see? If so, please submit your ideas to the Ideas Portal. Your feedback and product use are instrumental in influencing user feature updates. You’ll see some of your recommendations in future Innovation Weeks!   

Go to the Ideas Portal 

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