The Short: Speed. Efficiency. Adaptability.  

Every year we align our focus with customer values. In 2023, our attention centers on speed, efficiency, and adaptability as the demand for faster digital forensics accelerates. For a deeper understanding of how we intend to execute these driving forces, watch the recap of INSIGHTS 2023: Pushing Boundaries, Opening Doors, and Accelerating Investigations (login credentials are required). 

Continual Development: Android Access Explosion 

Grayshift’s main goal for 2023 is to be the leader in access and data extraction for Android (as well as iOS) devices. We added our new, experimental support for Android devices late last year – Broad Consent. This access capability covers over 400 additional known Android models supported across seven manufacturers. Read up on Broad Consent for Android devices.  

We continue to release new Android device support every two weeks. Most recently: 

  • Motorola Brute Force support for 20 new devices  
  • Xiaomi/Redmi Initial Access and Brute Force support for numerous devices  
  • Continuous focus on Samsung devices by incrementally adding more Samsung devices in nearly every release.   

Want more details regarding Android support? Find them in our release notes (login credentials are required). 

Rapid Innovation: iOS Coverage That Is Better Than Ever  

Over the past six months, we have reduced the median and mean time it takes to gain initial access on select iOS devices by 50%. This means you can gain access on select iOS devices even faster. Read more about iOS coverage details (login credentials are required).  

What’s New: Delayed Updates And Mobile Excursions  

In January, we released Delayed Updates, allowing users to delay software updates so they could complete cases or meet ISO standards. We recently released Mobile Excursions for Advanced and Online Premier licenses. This will enable customers to take GrayKey into the field when having the device onsite can make a big difference. These new capabilities allow you to use GrayKey in a way that fits your needs.   

Learn more about Delayed Updates and Mobile Excursions in the Grayshift Support Portal (login credentials required).   

Cloud Analytics: Updates and New Innovations  

Reveal by Grayshift is now ArtifactIQ. In August of last year, we launched the Early Access version of ArtifactIQ, giving users access to the Free and Pro license options, Dashboard View, Artifact Support for Messages, Call Logs, Media, Location, and Contact Timeline View. We continued to release innovative updates to Messaging Apps, added Notes to Artifacts, enhanced Media Search by Hash, added Photo apps, the ability to tag Artifact reports, and CSAM Masking. In November, AIQ became generally available. We added User Management, enhanced CSAM detection and masking, and improved Samsung location artifacts. We added reporting customization, CSAM Filtering, and Flagging Explicit Images toward the end of last year.   

Learn more about ArtifactIQ.   

Better Together: Grayshift and Magnet Forensics Merger   

In January, Thoma Bravo announced its intent to acquire Magnet Forensics and combine Grayshift and Magnet Forensics’ capabilities. Our companies’ complementary offerings are expected to create a powerful end-to-end digital investigations platform empowering more public safety agencies worldwide to seek justice, solve crimes, and protect victims. 

Grayshift is a leading mobile device digital forensics provider specializing in lawful access and extraction. By combining our mobile access and data extraction capabilities with Magnet’s digital investigation suite, customers are expected to be able to leverage the platform to extract, process, examine, collaborate on, and manage digital forensic evidence.  

Read more about the announcement.   

On The Horizon: New products and features  

In 2023, we plan to increase our products’ speed, efficiency, and adaptability. We will continue to support new Apple and iOS versions while expanding Broad Consent to additional Android devices. We will continue to add new and exciting features to our different licensing options, giving you GrayKey capabilities. And stay tuned for a new product announcement sometime this year.  

Watch the INSIGHTS recording to learn more (login credentials required).