Life After Law Enforcement: What Comes Next?

Do you remember your first day on the job? You can probably describe it in detail, right? You dreamed about it. You worked hard for it. And before you knew it you had five, 10, 15+ years under your belt with a career in law enforcement. It’s inevitable that you start to wonder what comes next. What does life after law enforcement look like? 

The answer to that question is different for everyone but if you’ve recently found yourself wondering what your life after law enforcement looks like, you might find inspiration from this episode of Grayshift’s Full Access Podcast, Full Access to Your Hosts Debbie Garner and Wilton Cleveland. Garner and Cleveland bring a combined 60+ years of law enforcement experience to the show and take the time during this episode to introduce themselves and discuss their respective careers. Before joining Grayshift, Cleveland served nearly 30 years before retiring as Lieutenant where he oversaw the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit. Garner joined Grayshift after a 30-year career with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI). 

Over the course of this episode, the duo talks about what led them to Grayshift and how they found roles that allow them to continue supporting law-enforcement professionals after retirement. There are plenty of options out there but both Garner and Cleveland believe there’s something special about the ongoing growth and expansion of mobile digital forensics. Additionally, each co-host takes the time to call out the importance other skills you gain along the way can play in your life after law enforcement. If you’re not sure where to start or are looking for examples, Garner recently published a list of free and low-cost training resources for law enforcement you might want to browse: 6 Free and Low-Cost Training Resources for Law Enforcement. 

Thinking about what comes next can be intimidating for anyone. However, if you’re willing to approach it with an open mind you might find that your life after law enforcement can be just as rewarding as your life was on the job. 

Listen to Full Access to Your Hosts Debbie Garner and Wilton Cleveland. 

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