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by Scott Ryals
Technical Marketing Engineer

Technology Alliances Program 

Grayshift’s Technology Alliances Program (TAP) is a digital forensics ecosystem that facilitates open, multi-vendor integration and certifications to improve the effectiveness of digital investigation tools. 

The program ensures that partner tools: 

  • Thoroughly and accurately parse GrayKey extractions 
  • Improve cross-product workflows 
  • Explore integrations aimed at accelerating investigations 

Through this partnership, law enforcement agencies can expect to improve the effectiveness that partners’ analysis tools are able to ingest and display the data from a GrayKey extraction with accuracy. The Technology Alliances Program makes this possible as these companies now have access to work with Grayshift and validate their tool works appropriately or be able to develop their tools with future releases 

Grayshift Certified Status 

Technology Alliances GrayKey Certified

Several organizations in the digital forensics space share our vision to access lawfully, discover swiftly, and protect justly. The agencies we work with want to make sure the workflow using new or existing tools to accomplish these goals work well together. Grayshift created the TAP program to provide our mutual current and future customers an opportunity to work with industry leaders and provide the best available solutions.  

Becoming a member of our TAP offers the ability for vendors of analysis tools to become Grayshift certified. Benefits of certification include: 

  • Support from Grayshift to improve and maintain integrations   
  • Listing on the Grayshift Technology Partner page as a certified partner 

Certification in the program shows others that Grayshift is working closely with the alliance partner to validate their analysis tool can ingest and display the data from a GrayKey extraction with accuracy. 

Currently our TAP partners with certified status include the following organizations: 

Magnet Forensics 

Oxygen Forensics 

ADF Solutions 


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