Team Spotlight: Get to Know the Grayshift Customer Success Team (Part 1)

At Grayshift, as we continue to rapidly innovate our GrayKey technology, we remain steadfastly committed to providing our law enforcement partners with the level of support needed to help you protect and serve your communities. Grayshift’s Customer Success team is an incredible (and award-winning) resource for our law enforcement partners and truly sets Grayshift apart from other providers in the mobile forensic industry.   

Our Customer Success (CS) team strives to embody its name. The team operates by 10 guiding core principles. Adhering to these principles allows us to support over 1000 agencies in almost 30 countries and all 50 United States. Get to know our principles and you’ll get to know our team. 

Customer Success Core Principles 

  • Prioritize. Customer first, period. In every decision we make and every action we take, if it isn’t helping the customer, we don’t do it. 
  • Empathize. We support law enforcement, and we understand that our customers are reaching out to us from urgent, high-stress environments. We do all we can to have that mindset in every engagement and try to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes. 
  • Proactive. We understand that just because we don’t hear from a customer, it doesn’t always mean that all is well. Our systems alert us when customers may need additional support, even if they haven’t asked. 
  • Educate. Many companies see training as a line of revenue. We see it as a key pillar for the successful use of our product. We coach and train in every engagement and include, at no additional cost, our on-demand training as part of our product subscription at all levels. 
  • To Completion. We move fast to help our customers, but we also make sure to complete the cycle. We don’t ever assume the customer’s issue is resolved just because we answered the question. We always verify that the answer did solve the issue and that there are no follow-up questions. 
  • Advocate. The CS team is the internally facing customer champion. We work tirelessly for customer concerns, issues, and feature requests as if they were our own. In fact, we even have some dedicated development resources that focus solely on features and capabilities that make the customer experience better. 
  • Document. When one customer has a question, odds are other customers have the same question. We do all we can to document and make answers to customer questions available to all customers, so nobody waits for us to respond to a question that’s already been asked and answered. 
  • Community. Sometimes engaging with fellow users is even better than engaging with vendor support. Your fellow practitioner can often relate better when facing similar struggles. We strive to make safe places for you to engage with your peers and feel comfortable having an open dialogue with each other. 
  • On-demand. Users want answers immediately. We aim to build as much in-app help as possible, so customers don’t have to drop everything to get help. Help is available at your fingertips as much as possible. 
  • Impartiality. We believe everyone deserves the same level of care no matter the size of the account. Our approach is to come up with standardized engagement playbooks, so we can perform at the best level for all. Your experience with Grayshift should never depend on which engineer you happen to reach, or which customer success manager is assigned to your account. You’ll always get the same level of care. 

What Happens When I Purchase GrayKey? 

When you purchase GrayKey, you gain more than just the product. You receive a service package provided by the Grayshift Customer Success team focused on your outcomes and individual investigative needs. We offer technical support, training, monitored community chat, and a dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure you are onboarded and supported throughout your GrayKey journey. 

The CS team is organized into two major groups – Technical Support and Customer Success Management. Although not exclusively defined this way, most people typically think of them as reactive and proactive teams, in that order. In many cases, these roles overlap, but they are a relatively clean way to discuss which teams in CS perform which responsibilities.  

  • Reactive. This is where our Technical Support team primarily lives. When customers have issues, we respond quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Of course, the work doesn’t stop once the response is done. We monitor closely for patterns and behaviors that would lead us to build new knowledge articles, advocate for product changes, support improvements, product documentation, and in-app help. 
  • Proactive. This is where most of our Customer Success Managers (CSMs) and trainers live. This team engages with all customers throughout their customer journey from onboarding and initial training to health checks and renewals. The CSMs are your “side-kick” throughout your entire journey with GrayKey. 

In the upcoming Part 2 of this blog post, you’ll have the opportunity to meet two of our unsung heroes from Customer Success. Their interview provides readers with more insight behind the scenes of what it’s like to work with both Technical Support and your Customer Success Manager as a Grayshift customer. 

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