Digital forensics tools are a crucial part of law enforcement’s investigative toolkit. However, acquiring these tools can be expensive, and many departments need help to secure the necessary funding. In this blog post, we’ll provide tips and tricks for law enforcement agencies to secure funding for digital forensics tools and highlight the Grayshift Grant Program as a tool in your toolbox to help source funding. 

  1. Identify Funding Sources  
    Before applying for any grant or funding program, it’s essential to identify all potential funding sources. Start with assessing your budget first. You may be able to find partial funding or deprioritize other outdated technology.  
  1. Research Grants  
    Many organizations offer grants for law enforcement agencies looking to purchase digital forensics tools. Do your research on what grant opportunities are available in your area. Check with local government agencies, foundations, and private organizations in your areas to see if they have grants or funds available specifically for law enforcement agencies.  

Here is a short list of U.S. Federal Grant resources: 

Note: This is not an extensive list of available grants nor are these funding resources sponsored or endorsed by Grayshift. These offerings are based on the collected 30+ years’ experience of Grayshift’s Digital Forensics Experts. Please refer to your agency’s regional or state funding regulations and requirements. 

  1. Build Relationships  
    Building relationships with community leaders and local businesses can help your department when it comes time to apply for grants or other forms of funding. Attend community events and meetings where you can network with potential donors. 
  1. Highlight the Need  
    Ensure you’re highlighting the need for digital forensics tools for your department – when assessing your budget, your community – when applying for grants, and donors – when requesting funds. Provide data on how these tools will make investigations more efficient and effective and keep communities safer.Here are some questions to help you start gathering data points to support your position to acquire digital forensic tools. How many mobile devices has your agency encountered during investigations over the past 2-3 years? How has that changed over time? 
  1. How many cases were delayed or went unsolved because you did not have the right digital forensics tools? 
  1. How long did it take to process those mobile devices with your current tools (or lack of tools)? How long could it take to process those devices with the right digital forensics tools? 
  1. Do you have the capability to execute the mobile device data extraction at your agency or do you have to request assistance from another agency?  

This isn’t an exhaustive list but can help guide you in the right direction.  

  1. Use grant writing services like the Grayshift Grant Assistance Program  
    The Grayshift Grant Assistance Program offers grant writing services to eligible law enforcement agencies seeking to purchase GrayKey technology. This program exists to help departments acquire critical digital forensic capabilities while maintaining their budgets. And it is free of charge. Listen to this podcast episode to learn more.  

The Grayshift Grant Assistance Program is an excellent option for departments looking to acquire advanced mobile device forensic capabilities but need help finding the budget to do so.  

Do you want to see how the Grayshift Grant Assistance Program can help you and your agency? Contact us to learn more.  

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