Understanding GrayKey for Command Staff: How to Answer Common Questions 

Like most law enforcement agencies, you’ve probably noticed an uptick in mobile devices your department is seizing during investigations. These devices can hold a wealth of information that is often critical to solving a case. However, most agencies lack the ability to process these devices on their own because they lack access to the right tools. GrayKey is an in-house tool that allows you to access mobile devices and extract the data you need, leading to faster case resolution while streamlining chain of custody. 

For your agency to accomplish its mission and future goals, department heads must develop and adhere to a budget. To purchase GrayKey, you need to be able to adequately explain the technology to your command staff and discuss how it can help your agency. To ensure your command staff sees the value in GrayKey, and budgets appropriately, you need to answer the following questions they’re likely to have: 

  • What is GrayKey? 
  • Who needs GrayKey? 
  • What makes GrayKey different? 
  • How do I purchase GrayKey? 

To help you answer these questions, we created the Understanding GrayKey for Command Staff Guide. The guide is intended to help you educate yourself and your command staff on the value GrayKey can bring to your agency and how it can help you accomplish your mission. 

Top Benefits of GrayKey

Here’s a preview of what you can expect to learn regarding how GrayKey can help your agency:

  • GrayKey can help your agency save time. GrayKey is fast, providing same-day access for iOS and leading Android devices – often in less than one hour, so you can kick-start your investigations by accessing data in record time. 
  • GrayKey can help your agency solve more cases. GrayKey can extract encrypted or inaccessible data on locked devices allowing you to solve more cases by extracting the evidence you need. 
  • GrayKey can help your agency streamline chain of custody. GrayKey supports more devices, operating systems, and chipsets meaning you no longer have to ship devices to third-party examiners. 
  • GrayKey can help you bring closure to victims. When you can extract in-depth data at breakneck speed, you can help bring criminals to justice and provide closure to victims more quickly. 

Download the Understanding GrayKey for Command Staff Guide for complete access to the benefits of GrayKey and the answers you need to help decision-makers make an informed choice and purchase GrayKey for your agency. 

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