Unfiltered Access to the Minds Behind GrayKey

According to Reviews.org, on average, “Americans check their phones 344 times per day.” And 74% of surveyed Americans aged 18 and up say they feel uneasy leaving their cell phone at home. In other words, cell phones are our constant companions, which means it’s almost a guarantee law enforcement will encounter a mobile device during an investigation. In 2016, David Miles, Braden Thomas, Justin Fisher, and Sean Larsson founded Grayshift because they saw a challenge among law enforcement professionals when it came to accessing modern mobile devices. In 2018, GrayKey debuted at Techno Security Myrtle Beach. And in 2022, CEO David Miles and CPO Braden Thomas sat down to openly discuss the origins of Grayshift, GrayKey, and a few little-known facts about themselves and the company. 

The “Mysterious” GrayKey – A Mobile Device Forensics Tool 

Since GrayKey came on the law enforcement scene, it’s often been referred to as “mysterious,” with interested parties constantly asking for a “look behind the curtain.” In the Grayshift Full Access Podcast episode, Full Access to the Minds Behind GrayKey, Miles, and Thomas decided to give listeners unfiltered access to the inspiration behind the creation of GrayKey and what the team is working on for the future. 

Interestingly, at the start of the episode, Miles reveals that his background isn’t in the forensic space. Thomas tells listeners that his career kicked off in security consulting before either co-founder ever thought about creating a mobile device forensics tool. But both co-founders explain how their respective backgrounds played a role in preparing for the switch to mobile digital forensics when the time came. If anything, their story shows that you can make a career change whenever you want and still have an impact and be successful with whatever you decide to do. Co-hosts of the podcast, Debbie Garner and Wilton Cleveland, bring the law enforcement professional’s perspective to the conversation as they both recall what it was like the first time they saw a GrayKey demo before retiring and pursuing life after law enforcement.  

Garner and Cleveland have a simple mission when it comes to hosting the podcast: seek the truth. If you’ve ever wanted access to the minds of the guys who created the GrayKey, if you’re interested in finding out what’s next, now’s your chance for full access to an enticing conversation between Miles, Thomas, Garner, and Cleveland. Listen to Full Access to the Minds Behind GrayKey now. 

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