If you’re a current GrayKey customer, you already know the power of GrayKey when extracting data from locked iOS and Android devices. But did you know that Grayshift also offers free training through Grayshift University?

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what Grayshift University offers and how it can help you in your digital investigations.

What is Grayshift University?

Grayshift University is an online education platform that provides free training courses for current GrayKey customers. The courses help users get the most out of their GrayKey device by teaching them best practices and advanced techniques for extracting data from iOS and Android devices.

The courses are self-paced and available on-demand, so you can complete them whenever it’s convenient for you. And because they’re available online, there’s no need to travel or take time away from work to participate.

What Courses Are Available?

Grayshift University offers several courses covering various topics related to using the GrayKey device. Some of the available courses include:

  • GrayKey Basics – Foundational courses that teach you essential GrayKey operation best practices relating to hardware and device setup
  • GrayKey Intermediate – Gain a deeper understanding of GrayKey, key features, iOS and Android workflows, and more
  • GrayKey Advanced – Build your GrayKey expertise and take an in-depth look into iOS and Android ecosystems, encryption types, and more to maximize your mobile forensics knowledge.

In addition to these core courses, Grayshift Customer Success offers a live webinar every week where users can learn the basics of GrayKey extractions. Attending this webinar is an easy way to learn about product updates, new features, and how to use them as they’re released.

How Can Training Help You in Your Job?

By taking advantage of the free training offered through Grayshift University, current GrayKey customers can improve their skills and become more effective at extracting data from iOS and Android devices. Advanced data extraction skills benefit law enforcement professionals and their agencies as these skills can empower them to carry out digital investigations more efficiently.

Additionally, training can ensure that users follow best practices when using a tool like GrayKey. By learning how to use it properly and responsibly, they can minimize damage to phones or their contents while obtaining accurate results.

Finally, training through Grayshift University can help build trust between law enforcement agencies and members of the public. By demonstrating that they’re using cutting-edge technology responsibly and ethically, agencies can show that they’re committed to protecting citizens’ privacy rights while still carrying out their duties effectively.

Want To Improve Your GrayKey Skills?

If you’re a current GrayKey customer looking to improve your skills in extracting data from mobile devices with GrayKey, be sure to check out what’s available through Grayshift University.

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