For many, myself included, the challenges endured over the last year have been cause for reflection, both personally and professionally. As we have all collectively faced extraordinary challenges, our team at Grayshift has been witness to some bright spots. Our leadership team has been assessing where we are as a company, where we’ve been, and where we’re going. All of us at Grayshift have been humbled by our clients, our team, and how GrayKey has been such an effective tool to help law enforcement and investigative agencies keep our communities safe. We’ve also been humbled by the incredible growth that we’ve experienced along the way.

When I step back and look at our company’s performance, it is remarkable that we have achieved an 89% year-over-year growth in revenue, 97% renewal rate for our GrayKey product, and a 100% customer service rating. This period of growth has often caused me to think about how far we’ve come since 2016 when we founded Grayshift and our company’s strategic posture for continued momentum as we go forward.

Just five years ago, our Founding team, including myself, our Chief Product Officer – Braden Thomas; our Chief Technology Officer – Justin Fisher; and our Chief Research Officer – Sean Larsson, started Grayshift together. We had an ambitious vision to develop a product that allows law enforcement agencies and government authorities to gain lawful access to and extract digital evidence from locked smartphones. Admissible evidence of this type ensures that:

  • Criminal investigators collect actionable digital intelligence
  • District attorneys utilize relevant evidence that can exonerate or prosecute suspects
  • Forensic examiners obtain digital artifacts critical to solving cases
  • Government agencies discover and prevent ongoing criminal activity plaguing our society such as human trafficking, child exploitation, drug trafficking, and homicide, among others

In addition, we have all witnessed the high-profile national security incidents that arise at times where digital intelligence is locked in a smartphone and access to the data is of critical importance. Nearly 90% of criminal investigations rely on smartphones as their main source of evidence, and six out of 10 of these phones (seven out of 10 iPhones) are locked and inaccessible, taking days, weeks, months or worst-case – multiple years to access critical information.

Our GrayKey solution is the singular technology on the market to offer lawful, same-day access (often <1 hour) to the latest iOS and Android devices, extracting and accessing all forms of data. Almost half of customers reported that GrayKey has reduced their backlog of mobile devices by at least 80%.

We hear incredible stories from our customers about how GrayKey positively impacts their investigations every day and has helped to find missing persons, solve homicide cases, and take child predators off the street. To say that we take our responsibility seriously to ensure that our customers are highly effective with our technology is an understatement. GrayKey has impacted our society in ways that has surprised our entire team, and we have become passionate about the mission that our law enforcement customers live every single day. 

For us, it wasn’t just about providing innovative, reliable technology. It was also about building a highly experienced R&D team with a breadth of vulnerability research expertise to ensure long-term success. It was about putting stellar customer service and customer satisfaction at the forefront of our work with our clients. Most importantly, it was about our commitment to ethical practices. We take our responsibility seriously and are vigilant to ensure that our actions and relationships are always principled and lawful, respecting civil liberties and privacy. We have maintained a rigorous framework for where we do business, which aligns with our mission and values.

We are rapidly growing

We continue to develop new features and support for GrayKey, making it more valuable for our law enforcement customers. We’re proud to have expanded GrayKey’s support to Android devices, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Our 100% Customer Satisfaction rating and Net Promoter Score of 74 are among the highest in the industry for overall satisfaction and ease-of-use.

Our employee base more than tripled in the past year (and we have more openings to join the Grayshift team) to match the growth of our customer network. And the demand among our customers shows no signs of slowing down. We’re expanding our current partnerships and extending our procurement and channel reach in new territories. Our current global footprint spans 1,000 agencies across more than 30 countries.

It’s clear that law enforcement agencies need reliable solutions like GrayKey that provide the critical access needed to solve the most challenging mobile forensic investigations. I am proud of all that we have accomplished, and it is humbling to know that our innovative, purpose-built solutions are directly supporting law enforcement in serving and protecting our communities.

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David Miles
Co-founder and CEO