Full Access is a Grayshift podcast dedicated to giving you unfiltered access to the fascinating personalities, experiences, and opportunities across the intersection of law enforcement and digital forensics.

Hosts Debbie Garner and Wilton Cleveland (with a combined 60+ years of law enforcement experience) have one rule: don’t hold back. The conversation is straightforward and honest and the goal is simple. Seek the truth.

Full Access Podcast


Full Access to Your Hosts: Debbie Garner & Wilton Cleveland

Join us as we introduce you to our Full Access hosts, Debbie Garner and Wilton Cleveland. Learn more about their backgrounds in Law Enforcement, what lead them to Grayshift, and much more!

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Full Access to the Minds Behind GrayKey

Join us as we speak with Grayshift co-founders, CEO, David Miles, and Chief Product Officer, Braden Thomas. We are thrilled to learn more about their careers, the origins of Grayshift, and a few little-known facts about themselves and the company.

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Full Access to Hexordia Founder, Jessica Hyde

Join us as we speak with Jessica Hyde. Jessica is the founder at Hexordia, a consultant at Magnet Forensics and an adjunct professor at George Mason University. She is heavily involved in the DFIR community and has quite the fan base on Twitter, you can find her @B1N2H3XWe know you will enjoy getting to know her and hearing her perspective on all topics digital forensics.

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Full Access to Retired ICAC Commanders: John Pizzuro & Alan Flora

Listen in as former Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) commanders John Pizzuro (New Jersey) and Alan Flora (North Carolina) grant you full access to what the ICAC program is, its mission, and how it works.  

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Full Access to the Child Rescue Coalition

Listen in as Glen Pounder grants you full access to what the Child Rescue Coalition, its mission, and what you can do to help keep children safe.  

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Full Access to the Technology Coalition 

Listen now for Full Access to Sean Litton, Executive Director of the Technology Coalition, and to learn more about how tech companies across the world are working together to fight against the online sexual abuse and exploitation of children. 

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Full Access to Grayshift Grant Writer, Josh King

Listen now for Full Access to Grayshift Grant Writer, Josh King. King came to Grayshift from the Searcy Police Department in Arkansas where he was a Police Officer for just over 11 years. King spent half of his career assigned to the Central Arkansas Drug Task Force and is now currently in Law School. 

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Full Access to Grayshift Digital Forensics Director, David Smalley

Listen now for Full Access to David Smalley, Director of Digital Forensics at Grayshift. Smalley came to Grayshift with a background in both law enforcement and the private sector and takes listeners on the journey of his career from loss prevention officer to DF Director.

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Full Access to NCMEC Director, Shelley Allwang

It takes a network to take down a network. Shelley Allwang has been employed by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) since 2005 and worked her way up from the call center to the Director of the Exploited Children Division. 

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Full Access to the Grayshift Customer Success Team

On this episode of Full Access meet Vice President of Customer Success, Rick Hensley and Lead Customer Success Trainer Crystal Edmonds, and get a sneak peek into some of the exciting things the team is planning for Grayshift customers soon. 

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Full Access to Special Agent Alan Davis

On this episode of Full Access meet current Special Agent in Charge over course curriculum at The National Computer Forensics Institute (NCFI) in Hoover, Alabama, Alan Davis. This is your chance to hear about all the amazing training opportunities for state, local, tribal, and territorial law enforcement via the NCFI and how you can apply. 

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Full Access to Ray Ham, The Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice, and the Georgia Gang Investigators Association

On this episode of Full Access, listen in as hosts Debbie Garner and Wilton Cleveland speak with Ray Ham, Manager of the Special Investigations Unit of the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice. Ham also brings his experience with the Georgia Gang Investigators Association to the discussion. Much of this episode is focused on gangs and violent crime. 

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Full Access to International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists: Mark Baker and Mario Merendon

Mark Baker is the Training Manager for the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) and Mario Merendon is the Chairman of the Mobile Device Forensics class. Together they bring a combined 40+ years of experience in law enforcement to this episode of Full Access. 

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Full Access to Grayshift Digital Forensics Specialists: Josh Carder and Matt Fullerton

Listen now for Full Access to Josh Carder, Digital Forensics Specialist and Matt Fullerton, Digital Forensic Specialist at Grayshift.  Learn how Josh and Matt have taken their previous experiences in law enforcement and have applied them to help generate awareness and interest in mobile digital forensics while at Grayshift.

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Full Access to Jennifer Salvadori – Project Manager of Techno Security Conferences

The guest of this episode, Jennifer Salvadori – Event Director for Techno Security, explains that one of the greatest benefits of this conference is the encouragement people give each other through connections and networking. Attendees learn about new technology, processes, products, and services to increase work productivity.

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Full Access to Austin Berrier

This episode’s guest, Austin Berrier, is a Special Agent at Homeland Security Investigations in the Cyber Crimes Division. The conversation covers his expertise in investigating human trafficking and the live streaming of sexual abuse of children. Austin also shares insight into the legal aspects of live streaming abuse investigations and some of the technical aspects of investigating this crime.

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Full Access to Elizabeth Strong, Program Manager at NW3C, Wellness & Mental Health Initiative

This episode’s conversation with Elizabeth Strong outlines the need for mental health and wellness among law enforcement, dispatchers, public safety, fire, EMS, and so many more.

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Full Access to Corrina Chester

This episode features Corrina Chester, the Strategic Account Manager for the United Kingdom in Ireland. Corrina has a rich history of serving the IT and digital forensics community. She shares her background, career, how she came to Grayshift, and what she sees as a path forward for technology and law enforcement.

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Full Access to Stephen Coates

This episode is part of a series to help listeners and customers learn more about Grayshift, the company mission, and the people who carry out that mission. This episode’s guest is Stephen Coates, Digital Forensics Specialist at Grayshift. He comes from a long career in law enforcement as an officer, digital forensics examiner, and trainer in Northern Ireland.

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Full Access to Jessa Jones of iPad Rehab

In this episode, Jessa shares why phone manufacturers shy away from data recovery and how her business—iPad Rehab—steps in to fill the gap. Jessa has recovered data from phones chewed up by lawnmowers, blown up in airplane crashes, and water-logged while deep-sea fishing. 

Jessa also offers law enforcement the necessary training to troubleshoot and repair mobile devices to extract the data they need.

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Full Access to Shannon Krieger

After his tenure as a U.S. Army Ranger and Special Operator, Shannon Krieger was introduced to the field of Digital Forensics through the USSOCOM Warrior Care Program (Care Coalition).

In this conversation with Shannon, we talk about the creation of the Human Exploitation Rescue Operation (HERO) Child-Rescue Corps Program, how Shannon became involved in combating child exploitation, and his experience during the last nine years as a Computer Forensic Analyst.

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Full Access to Francey Hakes, Former State & Federal Prosecutor

The relationship between prosecutors and law enforcement is crucial to success. Nothing goes perfectly in a criminal trial; something crazy always happens. Trust is important so that whatever happens can be corrected in the run-up or during the trial itself. While law enforcement and prosecutors sometimes disagree, they are on the same team.

When a relationship is developed between prosecutors and local and federal agents, they feel like they can call on each other for advice. If an agent is on a scene or going to be involved in an arrest and something unusual happens, the agent can call a prosecutor and ask how that would impact the prosecution later. That collaboration is critical on so many levels.

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Full Access to Special Guests Bernie Lampe & Joanna Doute, Ask Us Anything About Android

Our listeners want to know more about Grayshift, our mission, and the knowledgeable people who work here creating powerful digital forensics tools. Our guest today is Bernie Lampe, Vice President of Research at Grayshift, and we’re talking about all things Android. 

GrayKey has developed as a standout, game-changing leader in iOS access and extraction, but many people don’t realize that Grayshift also supports Android devices. So this episode is dedicated to talking about the Android capabilities related to GrayKey.

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Full Access to Alia El-Sawi, Victim Assistance Specialist

One of the biggest challenges in helping victims of human trafficking is reiterating the importance of a victim-centered approach. When law enforcement agents are new to human trafficking, they must remember that someone is not in a sex-trafficking position because they want to be. A lot of manipulation is behind the situation, along with prior trauma that may have led that individual to their awful situation. 

These cases differ from other investigations, such as drugs, guns, and gangs. They affect human lives, and these individuals will be the key to making the case. When working with these human trafficking cases, there needs to be an element of compassion while also being careful about removing biases.

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Full Access to Teagan Kavanagh

Digital Forensics is about finding the truth. Something that isn’t discussed often is how sometimes the evidence doesn’t add up, and people are exonerated. Data either exists or doesn’t exist. Or, data existed at one point and doesn’t exist now. Very rarely can something happen outside of those facts. What digital forensics can prove or disprove is crucial to the truth.

eDiscovery is a collaborative effort with multiple parties involved. Various stakeholders have a role to play in the whole process. People working in digital forensics need to be able to explain some of the technical terminologies in layperson’s terms so that everyone can understand why an artifact is presenting itself a certain way or why something exists or doesn’t exist on a device.

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Full Access to Billy Rodgers and Olin Rankin

Many challenges accompany investigations on the dark web. Jurisdiction isn’t the only hurdle. The investigator must also find a prosecutor who understands the investigation and is on board to tackle the challenge. With crypto, is enough money involved to get someone’s attention with everything else they’re doing? With a dark website, appropriately dedicated equipment is necessary. Not every agency can do that.

Learning to navigate the dark web requires time. Interacting with it is the best way to learn. Because it’s so easy to download, Billy and Olin focus on teaching people how to get connected with it. Then investigations consist of taking the information found on the dark web to traditional places and hoping the criminal messed up somewhere.

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Full Access to VeraKey by Grayshift with Brian Fitch

Grayshift wants to allow customers to remove limitations such as inadequate computers and the need to use expensive external units. VeraKey has delivered the ability for investigators to share evidence regardless of geographic boundaries. 

VeraKey is Grayshift’s solution for commercial customers who want a GrayKey device, the collection tool used by law enforcement. Unlike GrayKey, VeraKey is a consent-based mobile forensic solution. It performs the same function in performing full file system collection from a device and providing that for forensic analysis.

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Full Access to Scott Montgomery

In a perfect world, on-premise storage infrastructure is refreshed every five years. That timeframe isn’t realistic for law enforcement agencies. The benefit of using cloud resources is that it removes the need to buy all new hardware. As a cloud services provider, AWS handles the refresh so that organizations always have the latest storage and pay for only what they need.

Often backup systems in agencies take the form of a NAS device underneath someone’s desk. In the event of a natural disaster, everything would be lost. Even if the backup wasn’t destroyed, there may not be access to it, and the operation would be down. With cloud storage, mission-critical systems can continue to operate simply because the system is in a separate location.

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Full Access to Nathan Anderson, Electronic Detection K-9s

Digital evidence is critical to all ICAC investigations. As storage devices become increasingly smaller in physical size but store more data, locating that evidence becomes difficult. North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation has responded to this need by adding K-9 Rita to the team.

This episode’s conversation with Nathan Anderson discusses electronic detection K-9s and their role in criminal investigations.

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Full Access to Bertram Lyons, MedEx Forensics

How can you know if video evidence is valid or has been altered? By analyzing a file’s metadata without accessing personal information or video footage, Medex can identify if it has been tampered with and flag it for further investigation. 

As videos can be easily manipulated, authenticating them is becoming legally necessary. The digital forensic community should apply more pressure to ensure that files can be evaluated earlier in their lifecycle.

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