Full Access to the Grayshift Customer Success Team

Episode 10

Full Access to the Grayshift Customer Success Team
Episode Summary

On this episode of Full Access meet Vice President of Customer Success, Rick Hensley and Lead Customer Success Trainer Crystal Edmonds, and get a sneak peek into some of the exciting things the team is planning for Grayshift customers soon. 

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Show Notes

[2:20] Meet VP of Customer Success Rick Hensley 

  • Hensley describes customer success at Grayshift as all-inclusive post-sales support 
  • Hensley introduces listeners to the support groups within the CS team and how they work together to support Grayshift customers and help them be successful 
  • Hensley says the team works hard to maintain a 30-minute or less response to tickets and chats and 100% customer satisfaction rating 

[10:15] Wilton Cleveland asks Hensley to explain to listeners what the CS team tracks and how it helps them maintain such a high level of customer satisfaction 

  • Hensley explains that adoption rate is a key metric to track and why it’s so important 
  • Additionally, Hensley says the team keeps a close eye on usage metrics, satisfaction scores, and phones that are being plugged into GrayKey 
  • Hensley reveals a surprising stat about how many people on the CS team handle the workload of tracking these metrics and ensuring customer happiness 

[13:05] Meet Customer Success Trainer Crystal Edmonds 

  • Edmonds explains that her role within the Customer Success team is focused on customer education 
  • Edmonds and the training team strive to ensure that customers quickly feel comfortable using GrayKey right away 
  • Edmonds manages the content and curriculum development for Grayshift customer education, working closely with other Grayshifters to understand customer training needs 

[14:20] Debbie Garner asks Edmonds to tell listeners about the development of Grayshift University and its training curriculum 

  • Grayshift University is our online training platform that houses online, on-demand, self-paced training modules and registration for live webinars 
  • Edmonds discusses the GrayKey Operator Certification that Grayshift customers can earn via Grayshift University 
  • Edmonds informs listeners about the 3 modules available for learning at Grayshift University and what they cover (at the time of this recording)  

[16:56] Garner notes that there is no fee for Grayshift customers to take the training available to them at Grayshift University 

  • Edmonds goes into more detail about the GrayKey Operator Certification, including how many questions are on the exam 
  • Edmonds calls out that there is a $300 fee for the certification; upon passing the exam, GrayKey Certified Operators receive a formal certificate that’s good for one year and a challenge coin 
  • Edmonds, Cleveland, Hensley, and Garner talk about how much cops love collecting challenge coins and the fact that the GrayKey Operator Certification challenge coin is an annual challenge coin that changes every year 

[19:58] Garner asks Hensley to share some of his favorite customer success stories gathered by the CS team 

  • Hensley first explains that he sends out a weekly internal email to all Grayshift employees to help keep them aware of the engagement we have with our customers and the incredible things they’re doing with GrayKey 
  • Hensley says there are so many stories he could share but the one that sticks with him always involving a 16-year-old girl who met someone online and GrayKey was involved in catching the online predator who lured her into meeting in person 
  • Garner and Cleveland touch on the importance of having conversations about online safety with kids 


[24:40] Cleveland and the conversation shift gears as he asks Edmonds to tell listeners about her career thus far and how she came to Grayshift 

  • Edmonds shares that she came to Grayshift from a boutique tech firm that provides manage care for long term health facilities across the country for 8 years with a background in healthcare spanning 20 years 
  • Edmonds was looking for an opportunity to build a training and education team when she came across a job listing from Grayshift 
  • Edmonds discusses the advantages and disadvantages of online learning vs face-to-face and how she designs programs to combat those disadvantages 
  • Edmonds drifts back to why she joined Grayshift after seeing the job listing and how leadership and culture played a big role in making her decision 

[29:45] Cleveland asks Hensley to talk to listeners about his career path and how he came to be the VP of Customer Success at Grayshift 

  • Hensley cut his teeth with his first job in the military doing logistics for the Navy 
  • After his six years of service, Hensley joined a .com type company in early 2001 and left less than a year later following 9/11 to re-enlist and work on the “computer warfare side of the house” 
  • Following several more years of service, Hensley joined Endgame (the startup belonged to Grayshift co-founder David Miles) and worked there for 10 years before following Miles to Grayshift 
  • Hensley shares that he comes from a law enforcement family and coming to work for Grayshift was a big personal win for him 

[35:04] Cleveland asks Hensley and Edmonds if they were aware that accessing locked data was such a huge challenge for law enforcement prior to GrayKey 

  • Edmonds answers first and discloses she thought law enforcement could easily access device data before working at Grayshift 
  • Hensley said he understood conceptually the challenges of getting into devices and extracting data but didn’t study the law enforcement aspect closely before Grayshift 
  • Cleveland shares that the perception most citizens have is that data extraction is easy without a tool like GrayKey when in fact that’s not the reality of how things work at all 

[38:06] Hensley wants listeners to know about all the resources available to them from the Customer Success team 

  • Hensley talks to listeners about the Community Chat that’s access controlled so only Grayshift and GrayKey customers can get into that chat forum and talk to each other – sometime the Grayshift founders show up and chat in the forum too 
  • Hensley calls out the Ideas Portal – a place where customers can share ideas and improvements on how we can make GrayKey even better and other customers can upvote on ideas they’re excited to see implemented 
  • Edmonds shares that the training team is always working to be mindful of people with different accessibility needs and have plans to make training accessible for people with all types of hearing and vision abilities 

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