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Grayshift and Magnet Forensics have partnered to deliver powerful solutions –GrayKey and Magnet AXIOM –that enable law enforcement to fight fraud, exploitation, homicide, and endangerment.

The Critical Edge

Together, these best-in-class technologies give law enforcement the critical edge in mobile forensic investigations.

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Advanced Extraction

GrayKey is a solution for lawful access and extraction of data from iOS and leading Android devices. More than a simple iTunes backup, Grayshift provides fast and complete data extraction, including full file system, decrypted Keychain, and process memory. This wealth of digital evidence –indicating where devices have been, what they’ve done, who they’ve communicated with, when and why –provides critical evidence for identifying and locating a criminal or perpetrator. Offering fast access and extraction speeds, GrayKey delivers critical evidence and accelerates investigation speeds.

GrayKey preserves the integrity of the data and maintains chain of custody since the devices do not have to physically leave the forensic lab, ensuring that any evidence gathered is both admissible and discoverable.

By providing actionable intelligence to quickly identify actors in a criminal case and ensuring admissibility of digital evidence in court, Grayshift has helped hundreds of law enforcement agencies solve crimes faster in many areas including fraud, narcotics, human trafficking, sexual assault, child abuse and homicide.

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Recover & Analyze Your Evidence in One Case

Combined with GrayKey’s industry-leading mobile acquisition, AXIOM can gather and analyze data from iOS and Android devices quickly and easily. With GrayKey integrated directly into AXIOM, loading mobile evidence from GrayKey is simpler than ever. Use the powerful and intuitive Analytics tools of AXIOM to efficiently analyze data from GrayKey images alongside data from other computer, cloud, social media, and mobile evidentiary sources in one case file.

  • Thanks to the powerful carving within AXIOM, you can find pictures, chat, and browser history, and much more.
  • Get detailed information about what someone was doing at any given time and where, with artifacts like KnowledgeC, iOS Wallet,Android Motion Photos, Samsung myFiles, geolocation data, Screen Time, and more.
  • Analyze the full file system (including iTunes backup-style images), decrypted Keychain and memory from iOS devices.
  • Memory images could contain valuable evidence like messages, call logs, and email. AXIOM natively supports the analysis of memory from GrayKey images without the need to install third-party conversions or plugins.
  • iOS images contain a lot of native files and raw data. Use AXIOM to cut through the noise of data and save time during your investigations by quickly surfacing relevant evidence rather than unactionable data
  • Analyze evidence from GrayKey images alongside data from other computer, cloud, social media, and mobile evidentiary sources with built-in Analytics features like Connections, Timeline, and Magnet.AI.
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