Supporting those
who protect

We strive to provide law enforcement with the mobile digital forensic solution they need to protect and ensure public safety

Grayshift Police Leaders

Police Leaders

  • Focus your team and resources on what they do best
  • Equip your team with trusted tools, allowing your investigators to work more effectively and accurately
  • Help streamline your department’s investigative process, allowing your team to focus on the items that matter most
Grayshift Criminal Investigators

Criminal Investigators

Improve and maintain chain of custody of evidence in the field

  • Maintain complete chain of custody of evidence in the field
  • Start your case on the correct path with state-of-the-art tools backed by leading industry experts
  • Technology is in 90% or more of your current casework, equip your agency with tools designed for specifically addressing involved pain points
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Grayshift Digital Forensics

Forensic Examiners

Minimize your caseload by obtaining same day access to critical evidence

  • Minimize your caseload by obtaining same day access to critical evidence
  • Enhance your investigations through obtaining never-before-seen forensic artifacts critical to case solvability
  • Boost your lab productivity by leveraging a tool designed for next-level turnaround times
Grayshift District Attorney

District Attorneys

Utilize relevant evidence that can exonerate or prosecute suspects

  • Utilize relevant evidence that can exonerate or prosecute suspects
  • Digital devices are increasingly becoming the only valid source of case evidence, use tools that matter most to develop actionable intelligence and help your case.
  • Broaden the scope of device analysis by introducing never-before-seen forensic artifacts that help solidify what took place
Grayshift Government Agencies

Government Agencies

Obtain mobile forensic support for the diverse responsibilities of federal law enforcement

  • Uncover fraudulent activity by capturing relevant data from a mobile device
  • Discover and prevent drug trafficking by extracting incriminating artifacts
  • Recover the critical evidence you need to help prevent child exploitation
Grayshift National Defense

Defense Department

Collect actionable intelligence through expedited data extraction

  • Utilize mobile devices to obtain key insights and relevant intelligence
  • Protect and defend national security by having the ability to conduct mobile forensics on time sensitive operations
  • Obtain comprehensive access to mobile devices to identify potential terrorist activities
  • Testimonials

    GrayKey has become our “go-to” for iOS devices, regardless if they are locked or unlocked. The volume of data extracted via GrayKey is better than other tools used.

    Federal Government
  • Testimonials

    88% of surveyed law enforcement agencies said on average it takes 2-5 hours for GrayKey to gain initial access and begin extracting data per iOS device

  • Testimonials

    The GrayKey solution pays for itself compared to what we used to spend on additional services from other vendors. The biggest benefit is that it remains in our control – devices do not leave our lab and we know exactly what actions have been performed on that device.

    Senior Digital Forensic Investigator
Case Study

Discover how GrayKey
can locate CSAM on a smartphone

Learn how with GrayKey provides Same-Day After First Unlock Access in Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) investigation.

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