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In digital forensics, mobile devices often contain artifacts that, when accessed by GrayKey, can become critical evidence used in a variety of cases.

Child Exploitation CSAM

Child Exploitation/CSAM

Obtain access to evidence that can identify CSAM materials.

In a major metropolitan city, law enforcement was seeing a high number of cases involving child exploitation victims. Investigators were working diligently to help find the perpetrator conducting these vile crimes. Finally, they got a strong lead on a suspect. 

Law enforcement pursued their lead on the suspect and went to his residence to bring him to the law enforcement agency to conduct an interview. It was quite a drive between the suspects’ residence and the law enforcement agency. Investigators had obtained a warrant to obtain access to his mobile device and used GrayKey. The digital forensics investigators were able to see a pattern of individuals whom he had been in contact with. The ability to conduct this type of data extraction while in the field saved the investigators a lot of time and provided faster case resolution.  

  • 78% of surveyed law enforcement customers indicated that they use GrayKey to assist in CSAM cases. (TVID: DFB-767-EAB)
GrayKey can assist in fraud cases.


Collect actionable intelligence that can identify fraudulent activity.

A  large, organized crime group had been trafficking narcotics and laundering money across multiple countries. The leading agency, alongside multiple local supporting agencies, had been coordinating a large sting operation. Due to the size of the operation, authorities needed a fast and effective way to extract data from hundreds of devices in a relatively short amount of time.   

Digital forensic investigators used multiple GrayKeys to process the plethora of mobile devices they lawfully seized as part of the coordinated operation. Digital evidence revealed crimes they committed over a period of years and uncovered evidence of planned future crimes.   

  • 77% of surveyed law enforcement indicated that they use GrayKey to assist in fraud cases. (TVID: 7FF-70B-695)
GrayKey can assist in homicide cases.


Less waiting. Faster homicide case resolution with critical data extractions. 

A shooting took place at a residence and several individuals were at the home when the shots were fired. When Law Enforcement officers arrived on the scene, they were advised that someone inside had been shot and killed. None of the individuals on location would cooperate with police. However, the victim had a mobile device in his pocket, but that device was locked.   

Responding officers knew that the mobile device most likely contained valuable digital evidence for this investigation, so the phone was immediately connected to a power supply to keep the device on. Within two hours, the digital forensics examiner had access to several artifacts which proved to be critical incriminating evidence.  

  • 80% of surveyed law enforcement indicated that they use GrayKey to assist in homicide cases. (TVID: 4F7-EFD-4F0) 
GrayKey can assist in narcotics cases.


Streamline your narcotics caseload with same day access to digital critical evidence.

Law enforcement was investigating a narcotics case involving racketeering and corruption, and two male suspects were identified as being involved in an international drug ring. These two individuals were apprehended at the US-Mexico border and their mobile phones were lawfully seized. It’s not uncommon for device users to use third party applications when eluding law enforcement and protecting their communications, like this case.  

The investigating law enforcement agency used GrayKey to extract data from both devices including third party app data to identify numerous nefarious messages between the kingpin and the two men, who were in custody. The content in the messages confirmed their involvement in the international drug ring.  

  • 86% of surveyed law enforcement indicated that they use GrayKey to assist in narcotics cases. (TVID: DCF-EA6-CEC) 
Human Trafficking


Extract encrypted data. Expedite your trafficking cases with power and speed. 

Local and federal authorities had been working an uncover sting operation on a human trafficking and child exhortation crime group. They discovered and became imbedded in websites that were known to facilitate sex trafficking by giving individuals a platform to arrange sex with a minor. Undercover agents were able to infiltrate the human trafficking ring and identify and arrest key leaders and organizers.  

With the arrests, authorities also seized multiple mobile devices. From these devices the digital forensics investigators were able to confirm allegations of sex trafficking, soliciting prostitution, and contacting a minor with intent to commit a sex offense. 

  • 68% of surveyed law enforcement indicated that they use GrayKey to assist in human trafficking cases. (TVID: 027-CF3-F25) 
  • Testimonials

    GrayKey has become our “go-to” for iOS devices, regardless if they are locked or unlocked. The volume of data extracted via GrayKey is better than other tools used.

    Federal Government
  • Testimonials

    88% of surveyed law enforcement agencies said on average it takes 2-5 hours for GrayKey to gain initial access and begin extracting data per iOS device

  • Testimonials

    The GrayKey solution pays for itself compared to what we used to spend on additional services from other vendors. The biggest benefit is that it remains in our control – devices do not leave our lab and we know exactly what actions have been performed on that device.

    Senior Digital Forensic Investigator

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In the field of digital forensics, mobile devices contain critical information. This information once accessed by GrayKey (a mobile device forensics tool, by Grayshift), can be beneficial and become evidence. Evidence that can lead to the truth. Download our latest ebook “Access to the Truth”, and read GrayKey stories from the field.