Our Guidelines for Where We Do Business

Grayshift is dedicated to the lawful, intended use of our GrayKey technology to support law enforcement agencies’ mission to:

We take our responsibility seriously and are vigilant to ensure that our actions and relationships are principled and lawful. We respect civil liberties and privacy and understand our role as a company to help uphold them.

As part of this commitment, we limit the availability of our technology to law enforcement and government agencies with the proper authorities and processes in place to lawfully access mobile devices. Our company’s resolution to this is especially true as we continue to expand into new markets worldwide.

We can confidently affirm that GrayKey has not been and will not be made available in certain countries, such as those that are sanctioned by the United States, European Union, or United Kingdom. 

Grayshift adheres to a strict policy for where we do business. We only operate in countries where:

To confirm this, we abide by strict guidelines and have high standards for where we offer GrayKey. Specifically, we have developed a rigorous internal process, informed by metrics set by the world’s leading independent authorities on democracy and transparency:

These metrics allow for no ambiguity in our evaluation process, and it means that we turn away business regularly to adhere to the high ethical standards that we have set for ourselves.

To prevent its misuse in unauthorized jurisdictions, GrayKey has a technological feature that allows us to promptly “turn off” the product so that it cannot be operated. This helps to make certain that GrayKey is used lawfully and to prevent any use in countries that are not authorized. In addition, we also discontinue any relationships with law enforcement agencies that do not comply with our contractual agreements and our company’s values at any time.

To ensure that where we do business always aligns with Grayshift’s values, we regularly review our processes in an ongoing effort to appropriately bolster our practices and make certain that GrayKey is used as intended.