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Meet Grayshift

Access to the Truth

At Grayshift, we understand that finding answers and the truth means accessing ALL of the data. Our team of cybersecurity researchers is dedicated to building innovative technology to gain “device access.” With GrayKey, you can be confident that you have the maximum amount of information available for your case in less time.

  • Case Study

    Carolina Beach Police

    Learn how GrayKey helped Carolina Beach Police Department in North Carolina discover critical evidence in a sexual assault and robbery case.

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  • Customer Success

    Global coverage with 100% Customer Satisfaction

    Grayshift boasts a perfect 100% CSAT score and is outpacing the mobile forensics industry with a +74 net promoter score (NPS).

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  • A Leader in Mobile Forensic Products

    Access Is Critical: A GrayKey Overview

    Use GrayKey, a mobile device forensic tool for android and iOS devices to lawfully access and extract encrypted or inaccessible data from devices to help you solve more cases faster.

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  • New Ebook

    Access to the Truth – Volume 2

    In the field of digital forensics, mobile devices contain critical information. This information once accessed by GrayKey (a mobile digital forensics tool, by Grayshift), can be beneficial and become evidence. Evidence that can lead to the truth. Download our latest ebook “Access to the Truth, Volume 2”, and read GrayKey stories from the field.

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Introducing GrayKey

Access is the cornerstone of mobile forensics. Grayshift has developed GrayKey, a state-of-the-art mobile forensic access tool, that extracts encrypted or inaccessible data from mobile devices. Our iOS forensic tool accesses the data you need to help solve more cases.

Grayshift Icon Gif Access
Most comprehensive iOS device support
Grayshift Icon Gif Speed
Same day extractions from locked iOS devices
Grayshift Icon Gif Depth
Extract the full contents from iOS devices
Grayshift Icon Gif Control
Maintain evidence chain of custody
GrayKey Device Mobile Device Forensics Tool
Mobile Device Forensics Tool Empower Law Enforcement

Accelerate your investigations

Today, criminal investigations rely on digital evidence, which often resides on locked and encrypted devices. GrayKey, our state-of-the-art mobile forensics tool, extracts encrypted or inaccessible data from mobile devices. It accesses the data you need to help solve more cases.

  • Extract more data from LOCKED and ENCRYPTED mobile devices
  • Solve more crimes in less time while maintaining complete chain of custody
  • Only available for law enforcement and government investigative agencies who follow due process of the law
GrayKey – It’s Not for Everyone

Clear your evidence room of locked mobile devices

Helping law enforcement and government investigative agencies swiftly resolve critical investigations and ensure public safety with the best mobile device forensics tools for iPhone and android.

Grayshift Icon Police Leaders
Police Leaders
Focus your team and resources what they do best
Grayshift Icon Criminal Investigators
Criminal Investigators
Improve and maintain chain of custody of evidence in the field
Grayshift Icon Forensic Examiners
Forensic Examiners
Minimize your caseload by obtaining same day access to critical evidence
Grayshift Icon District Attorneys
District Attorneys
Utilize relevant evidence that can exonerate or prosecute suspects
Grayshift Icon Government Agencies
Government Agencies
Obtain forensic support for the responsibilities of federal law enforcement
National Security Icon
National Defense
Collect actionable intelligence through expedited data extraction
  • The voice of the customer

    GrayKey is the single-most transformative tool we’ve implemented in 10 years.

    Danny Mouttet, Digital Investigator
    Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations
  • The voice of the customer

    Without GrayKey, I wouldn’t be able to complete my extractions as rapidly or as completely. Not only does GrayKey work fast, but it works WELL! I am able to get more data more quickly than with any other extraction method.

    Jason Wilkins, Forensic Examiner
    Clayton County Board of Commissioners
  • The voice of the customer

    76% of surveyed law enforcement agencies said on average it takes 1-2 hours for GrayKey to gain initial access and begin extracting data per iOS device.

    TechValidate survey of GrayKey users
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Use GrayKey + AXIOM together to enhance your investigations

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GrayKey is restricted to local, state, and federal law enforcement, public safety, and defense agencies in select countries. It is not available to the private sector. Please use your agency-issued email to complete the submission. All submissions will be vetted and once validated, a team member will be in contact with you.

Access Lawfully. Discover Swiftly. Protect Justly.